York and Boston given prestigious Distributorship of M/s United Color Manufacturing Inc, USA 8/1/2013 Date:

M/s United Color Manufacturing Inc, Newtown, USA - one of the leading makers of Lubricant/Fuel coloring and security tracing additives have given exclusive distribution rights to York And Boston. This distributorship is applicable to UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Yemen. UCM makes and markets Unisol, Unimark, Uniglow and Uniqua dyes and marker products and are made in the United States of America. York And Boston UAE hereby thank UCM for their trust on us and feel priviliged to be associated with UCM. Propsective customers of these products will include ADNOC, ENOC, Emaraat, Bahrain Petroleum, Qatar Petroleum, Woquod, Kuwait Petroleum, Oman Petroleum etc.