About Us

Founded On Quality, Reliability and Simplicity.

York and Boston is a lubricant company, headquartered in the United States of America. It was established as a subsidiary in 1998. The company owns the famous "York and Boston"  brand and is one of the fastest growing lubricant companies in the Third world.

With blending operations in Philippines, India, UAE and in Italy, Y&B uses its own specific technological formulations to make a host of high quality and highly technical lubricans, grease, brake fluids and coolants for the automotive and industrial serctor.

The company works with world famous technical corporations like the Lubrizol Corporation, Afton Chemicals, Exxon Mobil Chemicals, Infenium Corporation, Chevron Oronite etc to bring cutting-edge technology products, while most of the other oil companies, including the giants, use run-of-the mill formulations which are readily available off the shelf.

Most of the lubricants are approved by major engine makers across the world like American Petroleum Institute, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, MAN, MTU etc. and their approvals are available upon request or in this website.

Our products are engineered to be VALUE-FOR-MONEY for the customers. Based on a low-overhead model; with low-cost, self-designed and self-developed factories; own research and development Team which produces component-based lubricants than commercially available, third-party-developed additive “packages”, York and Boston utilizes the power of simplicity and “Do-It-Yourselves” principle to arrive at is core competency – Cost effective Quality Products whose technology is fully transparent.

For more information on York and Boston Lubricants, pease contact sales@yorkandboston.com and/or info@yorkandboston.com

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